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How to install/replace cooler on CPU

Installing cooler on AMD CPU

The process of installing the cooler is quite simple, but it requires carry. To place the cooler on the processor, follow these steps:

1.  If You bought a new cooler, in most that a thermal paste will be placed on the bottom of the radiator. In this case, you can go to step 3, but if no thermal paste is applied, it must be placed.

2.  Squeeze a little bit of thermal paste on the fixed processor (as a rule, this paste is placed in syringes). The abundant layer of this material will not lead to a greater effect, and can also do harm, since the cooler in this case will be located far from the processor. Pound it all over the area.

3.  Install the cooler in place at the base and place a special fastener near the fixing points. It should not have any distortions, because if there is a poor-quality placement, there will be significant areas, which will overheat, which is highly undesirable. If the first time you did not manage to install the cooler, re-disperse the thermal paste in a uniform layer and re-examine the processor.

4.  Fix for the bracket fastening one part of the bracket fastening the cooler (which does not have number of levers). Then, in the same way, put the bracket on the second bracket already with the lever and press the lever until fully secured.

5.  Connect the fan power wire to the socket located on the motherboard (as a rule, it is labeled as CPU_FAN).

Installing cooler on INTEL CPU

By the principle of fixing the cooler on the Intel processor is nothing different from the installation on AMD chip. The only difference is the attachment itself. It consists of four pins that inserted into special grooves and when rotated 90 degrees, tightly fastened.

  1. Press the lever to disengage it (1), and lift it (2).открыть
  2. Open fixing cover.

3.  Remove the plastic protective cover. Do not dispose of the protective cover. When removing the processor, always replace the connector cover.

4.  Do not touch the connector pins or the bottom of the processor.










5.  Hold the processor with your thumb and index finger. Make sure that tags on the connector are aligned with processor marks. Lower processor firmly into the connector. Gently lower processor to make sure it is properly installed in the connector.

6.  With a little effort, lower the lid(1). Press the cover, close it and secure the lever(2).

7.  After installing system board in the case, place fan heatsink on the system board, aligning holes with holes. Correctly align mounts with holes, not to damage them from underside. In addition, try not to damage the layer of heat-conducting material applied to the bottom of the fan heatsink.

8.  Push down on the top of each mounting and rotate, as shown, holding the heatsink with the fan in place. You should hear a “click” after pressure on each mount. Gently pull up each mount to ensure that they are securely fixed. Incorrect fixation can lead to inadequate contact between the heatsink and the processor, and unreliable operation of the processor.

9.  Connect the 4-pin connector of the processor fan cable to the 4-pin connector on the system board(as a rule, it is labeled as CPU_FAN). (The 4-pin connector of the processor fan cable can be connected to the 3-pin CPU fan connector if the 4-pin connector is not available)

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