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Astoria VR Headset – New Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Worth It?

The Astoria VR Headset is a device that you use with your smartphone to improve your experience with virtual reality. To allow others to get in on the fun, you can order multiple headsets at a time, which also gives you a discount on your final cost.

What is the Astoria VR Headset?

The smartphones that are currently being sold and developed by electronics companies are getting bigger and bigger, giving you a bold view on the screen to enjoy your handheld games even more.

The screens may be increasing in size, but the fact is, it is difficult to become fully involved in a game when you only have a few inches to view it.

App developers have been coming up with different virtual reality games lately, which requires you to have a full view of your screen that you don’t normally have. However, by bringing home the Astoria VR headset, you can get the focus you need to enjoy those games.

The Astoria VR Headset allows you to feel like you’re a part of the virtual reality experience. After you correctly insert your phone, you can gaze at a 360-degree view of everything in the game, helping you immerse yourself fully. This structure is designed to fit all types of smartphones, including models from iPhone, Samsung, and HTC.

When you play a game on your phone, you only get a taste of how all-encompassing it can be. Your screen takes up a fraction of your vision, preventing you from fully enjoying the game that you downloaded. To eliminate distractions and focus on how intense your selected game is, then you need to use the Astoria VR headset.

Features of the Astoria VR Headset Work?

The Astoria VR headset allows you to use 3D technology from your phone, while completely zoning into your screen. You don’t need to activate anything on the device. Instead, you can enjoy the many features that make this headset worth the price tag.

You can modify your view of the screen by using the 20mm focal adjuster knob, which changes the focus of the 8-layer nano-coating lens. You won’t need to hold onto the headset to keep it in place, or worry about dropping it as you look around, since it features a strong headband that is both thick and comfortable. The padding on the device uses an ergonomic design with real leather over the foam cushion to maintain your comfort for any length of time that you use the headset.

Using the Astoria VR Headset

The best part about the Astoria device is that it is incredibly easy to use with your phone. First, you will need to choose one of the many applications for your smartphone that allows you to use virtual reality. Some of those programs include:

  • Bubblecars
  • Dive City Rollercoaster
  • Dive Launcher
  • Dive Unity Demo
  • Dive Wings
  • The Height
  • Divestreetview
  • Go Show Free
  • Hand Gliding
  • Hoverboard Dive
  • Jet Sprint Demo
  • Shadowgun VR

Once you’ve set up the game, you can put the phone in your headset and let it play. You don’t need to go through any specific functions to set it up or program the device. You don’t even need another device. If your phone is between 4.7 inches and 6 inches, you’re set.

Pricing for the Astoria VR Headset

The total cost that you need to cover for the Astoria VR Headset will depend on how many you purchase at once. A single headset is presently priced at $59.00, but you will qualify for additional savings as your quantity increases. Choose from the following packages, with pricing as per the website:

  • Two headsets: $97 ($48.50 each)
  • Two headsets, with a bonus headset for free: $117 ($39 each)
  • Three headsets, with two bonus headsets for free: $145 ($29 each)
  • Four headsets: $169 ($42.25 each)
  • Ten headsets: $350 ($35.00 each)
  • 15 headsets: $525 ($35.00 each)
  • 20 headsets: $700 ($35.00 each)

As you can see, your discounts remain the same after your quantity reaches ten headsets.

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of the Astoria VR headset, the company gives you 14 days to return the product without questions, which will give you a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of the Astoria VR Headset

Despite the plethora of information on the website about the Astoria VR Headset, you may still have a few unique questions that you need to answer before you’re ready to make a purchase. Maybe you’ve already made a purchase, and you want to know more about shipping. Either way, the customer service department can be reached over the phone or electronically.

The easiest way for most consumers to reach the customer service desk is by calling (844) 602-3983. The department is available on weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST to receive your calls. However, if you question isn’t urgent, or you are unable to call during typical business hours, you can still send a message to for a response within 24 hours.

Astoria VR Conclusion

While you may think that you have had the enjoyable experience of playing a virtual reality game on your phone, nothing is as powerful as canceling out all the other distractions and zoning in. The Astoria VR headset is comfortable, customizable, and completely hands-free, making it the perfect addition to any action-packed game. If you’re ready to utilize one of the participating apps to its full capacity, Astoria has you covered.

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