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Falcon Tactical Flashlight – Military-Grade X800 TacLight?

It seems that every year there is a new trend that takes over society. Because of pop culture exposure to The Hunger Games and dystopian novels about the impending zombie apocalypse, there is a trend that just so happens to be a practical way of life – the survivalist movement. As gun laws become stricter and the rise in violence increases, self-defense tools have become the newest commodity. This way of life can include an increased focus on hunting skills or making use of a bow and arrow. It also focuses on living off the land and being able to think quickly in life or death situations. Because of the rise in survivalists and their varying lifestyles and devices, surviving the wilderness has never been easier.

The Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlights are currently the most popular tactical flashlight on the market. Popular because of its powerful “strobe mode”, the Falcon allows users to flash the blinding strobe light, disorienting attackers or intruders. Reworked for the modern and, tactical flashlights have been used for centuries. By using basic functions and creating a hybrid version, the Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlights are taking the survivalist trend to a whole different level.

About Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlights

The survivalist movement has inspired a variety of creative tools to be created and used by survivalists across the world. These amazing creations have paved the way to a new way of life. Equipped with the most powerful strobe on the market, the Falcon flashlight has quickly become an essential tool for a survivalist, as it is designed to blind an attacker’s eyesight. By blocking their vision, the flashlight allows the user to either escape or initiate a counter attack.

Although ideal for a survivalist, the Falcon Tactical Flashlights are ideal for other situations, such as when walking down a dark street alone, changing a flash tire at night, a blackout, and many other emergency situations. Because the flashlight can beam up to 2 miles, it is an essential tool in providing personal safety. As mentioned previously, tactical flashlights have been used for centuries. Mainly used by U.S Navy Seals, Policeman, the Coast Guard, Fireman, and the U.S Search and Rescue, they are now available for every American. A crucial tool to have, tactical flashlights allow individuals to be prepared for anything.

As the demand for tactical flashlights continues to grow, changing features of the design has become a crucial aspect of improving the product. The Falcon Tactical Flashlights are used for two main purposes. The first purpose was mentioned previously, they offer a powerful source of light in extreme conditions, whether it be snow, fire, wind, or rain. The second purpose is effectiveness. This tactical flashlight is both useful and compact – built with superior materials. In fact, with the compact size of the flashlight and the superior building material, it is safe to say that the Falcon Tactical Flashlight is 100% better quality than regular flashlights.

Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlights Features

The Falcon Tactical Flashlights model, the Falcon X800 is a high-quality flashlight that is made from aircraft carrier aluminum, making it lightweight but significantly durable. Because it looks lightweight, it can be easily swung around, when needing to strike something. Designed to survive harsh conditions, the powerful Falcon X800 has features that ensure its longevity. In addition to the high-quality light bulb, the flashlight features a waterproof body, ideal for outdoor usage.

Unlike other flashlights on the market that claim to be tactical, the Falcon X800 was designed and manufactured in the United States. Because the entire process can be closely monitored, it is superior to products that are manufactured outside the United States. The biggest importance about this aspect of the tactical flashlight is that by being made in a country where the focus on superior quality is such a big deal, customers know they’re getting the best of the best each and every time they buy a Falcon tactical flashlight.

Along with the durable body design, the Falcon X800 is fitted with five settings, making it easy to switch between them for a variety of different functions. The settings include usual low, medium, and high options. In addition to the intensity level, the Falcon X800 also features a strobe option and an SOS setting. Because the potential for being in a situation where a rescue signal is needed, especially out in the wilderness, having the distress signal on the Falcon X800 is highly beneficial.

Because the Falcon X800 had such a powerful beam, a capacity of 800 lumens, equivalent to 40x the power of a regular florescent light bulb, there is always the concern that the bulb might not last. Due to technological innovations and engineering, the Falcon X800 uses a very small amount of energy, taking all of its power from the AAA batteries, the flashlight is guaranteed to deliver up to 100,000 hours of lamp light. With this astounding battery life, customers don’t have to worry about changing batteries regularly, which is even more beneficial in life and death situations.

Purchasing Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlights

The Falcon Tactical Flashlights are available for purchase on their website (www.FalconTacticalFlashlights.com). This website also provides an abundance of additional information for those who want to know more about the many benefits of being prepared and owning a tactical flashlight.

While tactical flashlights are usually quite expensive, for a limited time the Falcon X800 is being offered at a 75% discount. The updated prices for the Falcon Tactical Flashlight can be found below.

  • 1 Flashlight – $56
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free – $117
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $145

There are discounts offered for different purchasing amounts of the flashlight, but the prices listed above are the best deals available at this time.

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