Project Hazel – Razer’s Smart Mask Comes To Reality

Some time ago Razer came up with Project Hazel and unexpectedly showed it on CES 2021. This project includes a device that covers your face and supposed to make it easier and more fun to use a mask.

razer hazel mask with white background

Razer claims that they are continuing to work on this project, even though they didn’t reveal us a release date, nor the price, but they are confident that a new type of gadget will be a must-have in the world with vaccinations for COVID-19.

Gadget supposed to help improve daily wear and at the same time remove social barriers we now have because of COVID-19. High bacterial filtration, high efficiency, fighting environmental issues, and replaceable ventilators. All listed is about this mask. It enables us to see each other’s smiles while wearing face-covering, exactly what all of us were looking for.

razer hazel package with gray background

Chroma RGB lighting, located on the ventilators, gives an opportunity for you to customize the mask as much as you need. Additionally, the mask can even light up your mouth when it’s too dark, so you can express your emotions in any situation.

razer hazel package with white background

Comfortable, useful, mind-blowing Project Hazel is full of secrets and surprises for us, but the thing we know is that it should be an incredibly useful addition to our everyday carry and a great-looking mask.


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