PS5 VR/PSVR 2 – New Controllers From Sony

Sone has revealed their new controllers for the PS5. This reveal was made right on time. We all know that existing PlayStation Move Controllers are not the best choice anymore. We have seen lots of different variations of these things till this moment and Sony has to catch up with all the cool features their VR missing.

Individual finger control, tension, and the actual feeling of touch. It is all amazing features we are looking forward to seeing in controllers for VR.

Knowing how amazing the basic gamepad for PS5 is, I am frightened to try Sony’s new controllers for PS5 VR.

On revealed pictures from Sony, we can see controllers looking like a sphere. These PS5 VR manipulators have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on each. Both have tension control in triggers, the same as a basic gamepad for PS5. Moreover, they have finger detection, so you can make any gestures at all, and of course, both controllers include tracking to PSVR 2.

Controllers look just incredible. Now we are looking forward to seeing the PS5 VR headset itself in its futuristic design, even though Sony probably won’t launch it in 2021.

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